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The Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 Map and Chronology

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日清戦争 地図 23 Jul, Japanese army captures Gyeongbok Palace in Hanseong 25 Jul, Battle of Pyongyang 29 Jul, Fall of Seonghwan 15 Sep, Fall of Pyongyang 17 Sep, Battle of the Yalu River 24 Oct, Japanese forces cross the Yalu River 26 Oct, Fall of Jiuliancheng 29 Oct, Fall of Fenghuangcheng 06 Nov, Fall of Jinzhou 11 Nov, Fall of Lianshanguan 21 Nov, Fall of Port Arthur 13 Dec, Fall of Haicheng 20 Jan, Japanese forces land on Shandong Peninsula 17 Feb, Fall of Weihaiwei 04 Mar, Fall of Niuzhuang 20 Mar, Peace conference between Japan and China begins 14 Apr, Peace treaty concluded between Japan and China 29 May, Japanese army lands in the north of Taiwan 21 Oct, Fall of Tainan