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20 Mar 1895 Peace conference between Japan and China begins in Shimonoseki

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  • [China] Li Fuxiang receives greetings

    Li Fuxiang receives greetings
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    Shelfmark: 16126.d.2(10)
    Title: [China] Li Fuxiang receives greetings
    On 20 March 1895 peace negotiations began at the Shunpanrō, a Japanese-style inn in Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi Prefecture (also known at that time as Akamagaseki and Bakan). Japan's representatives were Prime Minister Itō Hirobumi, the Japanese plenipotentiary, and Foreign Minister Mutsu Munemitsu, while China was represented by the Imperial Commissioner and Plenipotentiary Li Hongzhang (Minister of Beiyang Commerce and Viceroy of Zhili) and Imperial Commissioner Li Jingfang, former Chinese Ambassador to Japan. Shortly after the start of the conference, on 24 March, Li Hongzhang was shot and wounded in the street by Koyama Toyotarō (Rokunosuke) and had to withdraw temporarily from the talks. This print shows the arrival of the Chinese delegation, led by Li Hongzhang, the previous day and their reception by Itō Hirobumi and others.
    the British Library
    [Shelfmark: 16126.d.2(10)]
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Reference Code: B06150070300 Title: Arrival of Li Hongzhang in Japan
Japanese Foreign Ministry report on various reactions on the Japanese side prior to the arrival of the delegation led by Li Hongzhang on 19 March 1895. Image 2 onwards is a summary, then follows the telegrams etc. actually sent. Image 22 is the Japanese translation of the Qing's government's telegram announcing Li Hongzhang's appointment as China's Plenipotentiary which had been sent to the Japanese government via the American ambassador. The report also contains details of the movements of the key figures on the Japanese side, the size of the Chinese delegation and where they will be lodged. Image 149 is a telegram sent on 19 March by Foreign Minister Mutsu Munemitsu, who had already departed for Shimonoseki, to Hayashi Tadasu, Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, stating that Li Hongzhang and his party had arrived that morning.
Reference Code: B08090005800 Title: 2. Enquiry to the Ministry of Postal and Telecommunications needed for the session in Shimonoseki between the Chinese Peace Envoy and the Japanese Plenipotentiary
Telegram sent by Foreign Minister Mutsu Munemitsu to Minister of Communications Kuroda Kiyotaka before the opening of the Peace Conference. It refers to the need for frequent exchange of telegraphic communications during the Conference and requests the allocation of staff capable of handling telegrams in European languages to the local telegraph office and that all fees are to be paid by the Foreign Ministry.
Reference Code: B06150073200 Title: Section 1
First half of the record of the Peace Conference which began on 20 March 1895. Image 1 onwards gives the content of the 1st session on 20 March, a list of the Japanese and Chinese participants and the content of the commissions of full powers recognised by both sides. Image 22 onwards covers the 2nd session, image 48 onwards the 3rd session and image 66 onwards the 4th session on 1 April. All of them provide a detailed record of the speakers and what they said giving a clear picture of the negotiations.