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23 Jul 1894 Japanese forces cross the Yalu River

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  • [Japan] Japanese troops crossing the Yalu River

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    Shelfmark: 16126.d.2(96)
    Title: [Japan] Japanese troops crossing the Yalu River
    During the night of 24-25 Oct 1894 the Japanese army constructed a military bridge over the Yalu River, which formed the border between Korea and China, and crossed into Chinese territory. The Chinese responded by establishing a strong point at nearby Hushan to intercept them and fierce fighting ensued along the Ai River, a tributary of the Yalu. From this point the theatre of war moved from Korea to China. This print shows Lieutenant General Nozu Michitsura, commander of the 5th Division of the Japanese 1st Army, leading his horse as he crosses the river on foot while the fighting rages along the bank.
    the British Library
    [Shelfmark: 16126.d.2(96)]
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Reference Code: C06061842900 Title: Requesting the dispatch of 10,000 porters and 1,000 packhorses needed for the army to cross the Yalu River. Yamagata, Commander, 1st Army
This is a telegram sent on 9 October 1894 by the Commander of the 1st Army, General Yamagata Aritomo, as he planned the crossing of the Yalu River, to the Quartermaster General Lieutenant General Kawakami Sōroku at Imperial General Headquarters in Japan. He states that the porters and horses needed to carry the army's baggage were falling sick and dying in rapid succession. They could not be replaced locally nor would it be possible to make good the losses once they crossed into China so he asks for porters, packhorses and wagons to be sent before they cross the Yalu River.
Reference Code: C06062039200 Title: Report on bridge-building and ferries on the Yalu River. Yabuki Shūichi, officer commanding the Corps of Engineers, 1st Army
A report dated 31 October 1894 by Colonel Yabuki Shūichi, commander of the corps of engineers charged with constructing a military bridge so that the 1st Army's men, horses, wagons and guns could cross the Yalu River. Submitted to Commander of the 1st Army, General Yamagata Aritomo, the report describes in detail the work of the corps of engineers during the construction of the bridge on the Yalu River and includes diagrams of the completed bridge.
Reference Code: C06061904800 Title: Rikusan 52. 25 October 1894. Near Hushan. At dawn today we crossed the Yalu River and repulsed the enemy near Hushan. Commander, 1st Army
A battle report sent to Imperial General Headquarters on the evening of 25 October 1894 by General Yamagata Aritomo, officer commanding the 1st Army which had successfully crossed the Yalu River. It describes how the 1st Army had completed the crossing of the river early that morning, engaged the enemy near Hushan and then headed for the attack on Jiuliancheng.