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29 Oct 1894 Fall of Fenghuangcheng

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  • [Japan] All-out attack on Fenghuangcheng

    All-out attack on Fenghuangcheng
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    Shelfmark: 16126.d.1(41)
    Title: [Japan] All-out attack on Fenghuangcheng
    Having occupied Jiuliancheng, on 29 October 1894, the Japanese army, moved north-west and attacked the Chinese stronghold at Fenghuangcheng. However, by the time the Japanese started the assault Chinese forces had already begun their withdrawal and Fenghuangcheng fell shortly afterwards. This print shows the Japanese troops launching an all-out attack on Fenhuangcheng.
    the British Library
    [Shelfmark: 16126.d.1(41)]
    All images of the prints used on this website are provided by the British Library and are in the public domain.


Reference Code: C06061848600 Title: Plan of attack for Fenghuangcheng. Yamagata, Commander, 1st Army
A telegram sent on 30 October 1894 to Imperial General Headquarters by General Yamagata Aritomo, Commander of the 1st Army, in charge of the attack on Fenghuangcheng. It explains that initially there were problems in planning an immediate attack on Fenghuangcheng because of problems in securing and transporting supplies of food etc. It also mentions that subsequent information stated that the Chinese army had set fire to Fenghuangcheng as they abandoned the city.
Reference Code: C06061849000 Title: This morning the cavalry battalion occupied Fenghuangcheng. Division Commander Nozu
A telegram sent to Imperial General Headquarters in Japan on the morning of 30 October 1894 by Lieutenant General Nozu Michitsura, Commander of the 5th Division of the 1st Army, in charge of the attack on Fenghuangcheng. It recounts how on the previous day when the cavalry reached Fenghuangcheng they found the Chinese army had withdrawn, setting fire to the city and notes what weapons were captured etc.
Reference Code: C06022411300 Title: From the Imperial General Headquarters re sending 7 boxes of books
Exchange of correspondence between the General Staff Office and the War Office in June-July 1895 about the treatment of 8 boxes of books captured by the Japanese army during the occupation of Fenghuangcheng.