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21 Nov 1894 Fall of Port Arthur

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  • [Japan] The occupation of Port Arthur by Japanese forces

    The occupation of Port Arthur by Japanese forces
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    Shelfmark: 16126.d.1(26)
    Title: [Japan] The occupation of Port Arthur by Japanese forces
    Port Arthur (Lüshun) was the base of the Chinese Beiyang (Northern Seas) fleet. On 21 November 1894, after 3 days of fierce fighting against Chinese forces, the Japanese captured the artillery batteries and the city fell. This print shows a fight between the mounted figures of Lieutenant General Yamaji Motoharu, commander of the 1st Division of the 2nd Army, charged with the attack on Port Arthur, and General Wei Rugui of the Qing Army.
    the British Library
    [Shelfmark: 16126.d.1(26)]
    All images of the prints used on this website are provided by the British Library and are in the public domain.


Reference Code: C06060150900 Title: Report No. 1. Commander Tsuboi of the Standing Fleet. Reconnaissance report on Port Arthur and Weihaiwei. 11 November
Report dated 11 November 1894 sent by Rear Admiral Tsuboi Kōzō, Commander of the Standing Fleet, to Vice Admiral Itō Sukeyuki, Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet, giving the results of reconnassance around Port Arthur and Weihaiwei. It also records that on the previous day, 10 November, while two protected cruisers, Yoshino and Takachiho, were carrying out reconnaissance, the Takachiho had broken down. Image 3 onwards is a report from Kawahara Yōichi, Captain of the Yoshino, to Rear Admiral Tsuboi. Image 5 onwards is a report sent by 3 sub-lieutenants to Captain Kawahara of the Yoshino describing the onshore situation and the ships in harbour in the Port Arthur area as well as the ships in Weihaiwei.
Reference Code: C13110344300 Title: Temporary siege park. Detailed battle report no. 1. 21 November 1894
Report from Colonel Wada Yūkyū, commanding the temporary siege park of the 2nd Army, which was responsible for the attack on Port Arthur, to General Ōyama Iwao, commander of the 2nd Army, describing the fighting at Port Arthur on 21 November 1894. The siege park was an organisation equipped with powerful artillery and manned by artillery units and corps of engineers, designed to attack and hold fortifications or strongly defended positions. The 2nd Army, which had been formed for attack on Port Arthur, had such a temporary siege park. This report describes in detail the stages of preparation before the attack, the movements of the various units of the temporary siege park during the actual attack, etc. Image 30 is a diagram showing the placement of the artillery on the Port Arthur battlefield.
Reference Code: C06061266500 Title: 4 December 1894. Rinchaku no. 1230. Report from Ōyama Iwao, Commander of the 2nd Army, to the Chief of General Staff Office Prince Taruhito. Regarding administrative regulations for Port Arthur
Text of administrative regulations following the capture of Port Arthur by the Japanese army, sent on 4 December 1894 by General Ōyama Iwao, commander of the 2nd Army charged with the attack on Port Arthur, to the Chief of General Staff Prince Arisugawa no Miya Taruhito.