JACAR Newsletter Number 37

March 31, 2022

Information on Newly Released Documents

Documents released on January 12, 2022

The National Institute for Defense Studies, Ministry of Defense > Army Records (Rid of Dainikki) > Gohoku (Islands North of Australia) >2A

 The materials include the Japanese Army's South-West Asian operations in the Pacific War with a collection of items related to the Second Army. This includes Second Army status reports and commands along with a diary of lower ranked individuals.
 (*It is continuation of the documents released last year.)
Documents released on February 3, 2022
Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)> YAMAZAKI Motoki Papers

 The YAMAZAKI Motoki Papers are a collection of about 540 South Manchuria Railway business documents kept by YAMAZAKI Motoki, the last president of the organization. The papers were purchased by the Institute of Developing Economies Library(IDE Library) in 1994, when YAMAZAKI’s personal documents were put up for sale at a second-hand bookstore after his death. The documents mainly span from 1923, when YAMAZAKI was appointed to the President's Office, to 1936, when he retired as a director due to the expiration of his term.
 The IDE Library holds original documents and publishes electronic images online.