JACAR Newsletter

JACAR Newsletter  Number 43

March 27,2024

Information on Newly Released Documents

National Institute for Defense Studies, Ministry of Defense, December 25, 2023


This collection of documents pertains to army troops dispatched to the Inner South Sea Islands, where battles in the Central Pacific Islands took place during the Pacific War. Records include information on deployed units to the Western Caroline Islands (Palau Islands, Yap Island, and Woleai).

Hoover Institution, Stanford University, December 25, 2023


The Maui Shinbun, founded by Kinjirō Yokogawa, in Wailuku, Maui, in 1906, was a semiweekly newspaper. The paper expanded significantly after being taken over by Satosuke Yasui. The English section was added in 1928; the paper ceased publishing in 1941.

Japan Press Research Institute, February 9, 2024


If we trace the origins of the Japan Press Research Institute, it leads us to Domei News Agency. The organization was dissolved in 1945, but the activities of Domei News Agency were taken over by present-day Kyodo News and Jiji Press. With remaining assets after Domei News Agency’s liquidation, the public-interest incorporated foundation “Tsushinsha-shi Kankokai” (Group for Publishing News Agency History) was established in 1947. The “Tsūshinshashi” (History of News Agencies), which summarized activities from the birth of modern communication agencies in the Meiji era to the early activities of Kyodo and Jiji, was published in 1958. Two years later, the Group for Publishing News Agency History was renamed the Japan Press Research Institute, and it has since been engaged in investigative research, journalism data collection, event organization, and issuing monthly magazines and books. In 2010, they established a specialized library, the “Tsūshinsha Library” (News Agency Library), offering related books and collected materials to the public. To enhance the convenience of viewing materials, in 2018, they launched a digital archive, “Dōmei tsūshinsha shiryō kōkai saito” (Domei News Agency Site for Releasing Archival Materials), and they are continuing to make their collection of materials available to the public.

On July 15, 1937, the year after Domei News Agency was established, the first issue of the periodical “Domei Junpo” was published. Unlike with news organizations today, agency wires were not stored, so when articles did not run in limited papers, they would get lost daily. To compensate for this, the organization published this thrice-monthly journal that comprehensively covered articles written by reporters stationed in Japan and abroad, as well as stories obtained and translated from foreign news agencies through exchange agreements. The periodical was intended, to quote its own statement, for reference by “intellectuals interested in world affairs” and “socially responsible individuals.” In February 1943, its title was changed to “Domei Jiji Geppō,” and it became a monthly publication. The Japan Press Research Institute site currently offers online viewing of its collection up to issue 225, which was published in March of 1945.