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Using Resources of this Website

When using the JACAR database, please observe the <Rules for Use> below. For usage of document images, please check "About Usage of Document Images."
<Rules for Use>
Article 1
These rules stipulate important matters concerning the use of the Asian historical record database (including computer system and software. Referred to as "database" hereinafter) constructed by the Japan Center for Asian Historical Records of the National Archives of Japan, an independent administrative institution (referred to as "JACAR" hereinafter).
Article 2
The database is for use of general public.
Article 3
On using the database, the user is prohibited to do any of the acts listed in the following paragraphs:
a) Misrepresent other person or persons.
b) Make illegal use or assist such illegal use of the database.
c) Possess wrongfully or wastefully use the database.
d) Alter or destroy the database, digitalized materials, contents, programs, data, etc.
e) Any other action that obstructs the operation of the database.
Article 4
In case the user does not comply with this rule, violates this rule or obstructs the operation of the system, the Director General of JACAR reserves the right to deny the said user is access.
Article 5
JACAR shall never be liable for lost profit or any other damages of the user due to the suspension of access to the services of JACAR database, resulting from maintenance of system relating to the database, accident, measures stipulated in Articles 4 etc.
JACAR shall not be concerned in any disputes between a user and a third party incurred by utilizing the information contained in the database.
JACAR does not warrant the completeness or utility of content of documents collected in the database.

Article 6
Besides the rules stipulated above, the Director General of JACAR determines any other necessary detailed measures concerning the usage of the database.
Supplementary Provisions:
This Rule shall come into force as of April 1, 2011.

(Unofficial Translation)

Privacy policy

Treatment of personal information

Japan Center for Asian Historical Records (referred to as "JACAR" hereinafter) is committed to protect your personal information obtained through questionnaires, comments, requests, feedback, emails, or system monitoring, and will not disclose them to any third parties. These information will be treated with the strictest level of confidentiality. Nevertheless, as the JACAR website contains some links to third parties which sometimes hold different privacy policies, you should be careful when using such links.

Management of personal information

Every possible measure is taken to prevent unauthorized disclosure, falsification, access, and loss of your personal information. If any of your personal information stays in our system temporarily, it will be carefully deleted with the highest security standards. In the unlikely event that an information leak or any other problem should occur, appropriate measures will be quickly implemented to stop the spread of, and to correct, any damages.

Compliance with laws

The protection of your personal data will comply with laws and orders established by Japan's Personal Information Protection Act.

Personal information protection agency

The National Archives of Japan independently oversees JACAR's protection of personal information.

<National Archives of Japan General Affairs Independent Administrative Agency>

Address  3-2, Kitanomaru Koen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0091
Tel    +81 (0)3 3214 0621

Liability Disclaimer

JACAR assumes no liability for any kind of damage incurred by utilizing this website.