Source: Ito Hirobumi Memorial Hall at Yamato-Cho,
Yamaguchi Prefecture
 Ito Hirobumi was a statesman in the Meiji Era. Ito held various important posts in the government of the Japan Empire including the first Prime Minister of Japan. Ito Hirobumi signed the Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty at the Shimonoseki Peace Conference in 1895 (28th year of Meiji) as the Japanese plenipotentiary. He was assassinated at Harbin Station in China in 1909 (42nd year of Meiji). He died at the age of 68.
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Year Occurrence
1841 (4th year of Tenpo) Born in Tsukari, current Yamaguchi Prefecture.
1857 (4th year of Ansei) Entered the Shoka-Sonjuku private school and educated by Yoshida Shoin.
1868 (1st year of Meiji) Appointed as Junior Councilor of the Meiji government.
1873 (6th year of Meiji) Appointed as Councilor of the State.
1885 (18th year of Meiji)

Appointed as first Prime Minister of the Cabinet.

Title: Original script signed by the Emperor, 1886, Imperial Ordinance No.22, Fiscal Year 1886 Yearly Account Budget
Reference code: A03020002600
 One of the first tasks that Ito Hirobumi was engaged in after he was appointed as Prime Minister was compilation of the government budget.
(Source: National Archives of Japan (NAJ))

1895 (28th year of Meiji)

Signed the Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty.

Title: The peace treaty, separate agreements, protocols, additional cease fire treaty and ratification bills
Reference code: A03033009900
 Ito Hirobumi and Foreign Minister Mutsu Munemitsu signed the Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty. This material is a copy of the text of the treaty.
(Source: National Archives of Japan (NAJ))

1901 (34th year of Meiji)

Visited Russia to discuss the interests in Manchuria and Korea.
(Pages 92 to 98, Volume 3 of Japanese pocket edition of "Saka no ue no Kumo")

Title: Russian enterprises in Manchuria
Reference code: B02130260800
 This is the translation of "Russian enterprises in Manchuria" written by a person named Steinfeld and published in Russia in 1910 (43rd year of Meiji). The situations of Ito Hirobumi’s visit to Russia are included in the 9th image of the materials.
(The Diplomatic Record Office of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

1905 (38th year of Meiji)

Appointed as the Residency-General in Korea.

Title: Organization System for Resident General's Office and Directors Agency
Reference code: A03033045000
 After the Russo-Japanese War, Japan established the Residency-General in Korea to exert influence on Korea.
(Source: National Archives of Japan (NAJ))

1909 (42nd year of Meiji)

Died at the age of 68

Title: State funeral for the late President of the Privy Council, the Junior First Rank of Court, the Grand Order of the Chrysanthemum, Prince Hirobumi Ito
Reference code: A03020818200
 The Japanese government made a decision of the State funeral for Ito Hirobumi right after his death.
(Source: National Archives of Japan (NAJ))