6 Nov 1894

Fall of Jinzhou

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  • The Japanese 2nd Army occupies Jinzhoucheng
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[ Japan ]
The Japanese 2nd Army occupies Jinzhoucheng

Title: [ Japan ] The Japanese 2nd Army occupies Jinzhoucheng
Shelfmark: 16126.d.3(1)
On 6 November 1894, while one unit of the Japanese army headed north through the Korean peninsula and crossed the Yalu River into Chinese territory, another landed on the Liaodong peninsula and attacked the Chinese army's stronghold of Jinzhou. The Chinese retaliated with artillery fire but later withdrew. This print depicts Japanese troops blowing bugles on top of the walls of Jinzhou to announce their capture of the city.
[Shelfmark: 16126.d.3(1)]
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  • Reference Code: C11080795800 Title: Rikusan No. 74 10 November 1894. Telegram. 1st Division captures Jinzhoucheng and occupies the area around Dalian Bay.
  • A telegram sent on the morning of 8 November 1894 to the Chief of General Staff in Japan by General Ōyama Iwao, commander of the 2nd Army charged with the attack on Jinzhou. In it he reports that the 1st Division of the 2nd Army had occupied Jinzhou on the 6 November, that there were 1,000 Chinese infantry, 100 cavalry in Jinzhou and 3,180 soldiers in nearby Dalian Bay but that all of them had retreated in the direction of Port Arthur. He also notes that casualties on both sides were light.
  • Reference Code: C11080798100 Title: Rikusan No. 83 4 November 1894. Report no. 2
  • This is a report by Captain Yuhi Mitsue, staff officer of the 2nd Army, which had been ordered to attack Jinzhou, on the actions of the 1st Division between 4 and 7 November 1894. It records the 1st Division's battle plan for the attack on Jinzhou received on 4 November, the march to Jinzhou and the attack itself. It also describes the route from their landfall at Huayuankou to Jinzhou and includes maps showing the positions of the Japanese and Chinese armies around Jinzhou.
  • Reference Code: C11080920000 Title: Abridged translation of documents seized at Jinzhou
  • This is an abridged translation dated 13 December 1894 of Chinese documents captured by the Japanese army during the occupation of Jinzhou. It includes a large number of letters exchanged by the Chinese army in various locations around Jinzhou and the vicinity in the period leading up to the fall of the city and reveals a detailed picture of the movements of the Chinese army.