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  • About the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895

About the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895

The Sino-Japanese War, which broke out in July 1894, had its origins in military rivalry between Meiji Japan and Qing China resulting from political upheavals in Korea under the rule of the Yi Dynasty. A peace treaty was signed in April 1895 (Treaty of Shimonoseki) but organised fighting between Japan and China continued until November 1895 over the cession of Taiwan to Japan under the terms of the treaty.

This section examines various aspects of the Sino-Japanese War drawing on Japanese archival documents of the time.

  • 1. Origins and background :Upheavals in Korea and the reactions of Japan and China – Donghak Peasant Rebellion
  • 2. Outbreak of the war :Japan and China dispatch troops to Korea, fighting begins – Declaration of war
  • 3. Course of the fighting :Fall of Pyongyang and the Battle of the Yalu River –Japanese army enters China
  • 4. Towards peace :Start of peace negotiations –Treaty of Shimonoseki and Triple Intervention
  • 5. Conquest of Taiwan :Establishment of Office of Governor-General of Taiwan and Republic of Formosa – Conclusion of the war