Imperial Edict on peace with Russia

 We exerted all possible efforts by considering that it is the most important thing to maintain the peace in Asia and secure the safety of Our Empire. By so doing, it was always Our prayer that the intent of the Emperor shall be bright. Unfortunately, We had to open the battle with Russia last year and it was necessary and unavoidable for the defense of Our country.

 It is of course through the authority of Our Imperial Ancestors and at the same time the results of professional loyalties of civil officials and military servicemen and brave contributions of Our people. The foundation of the Japanese Empire has been strengthened and the national interest greatly promoted through the 20 months of battles. We, as the Emperor, always make efforts to pursue peaceful reign and never desire the circumstances where people are agonized in a long period of war by exerting the forces.

 The President of the United States of America lately counseled for peace between the Japanese and the Russian governments from the standpoints of respect for humanity and peace. We deeply appreciated his good wishes and followed his advice to appoint the plenipotentiaries to conduct peace negotiations.

 Since then, the plenipotentiaries of Japan and Russia had a number of negotiations. Russia showed their good faith in their desire for peace by responding to Our demands relating to the objectives of the war and the peace of Asia that We proposed. We, as the Emperor, read the treaty arranged by the plenipotentiaries and it was in accordance with Our wishes. Consequently, We ratified the treaty with pleasure.

 We obtained both peace and glory through this, and are glad that We can be proud toward Our Ancestors and transmit Our success to posterity. Sharing the honors with Our people, We hope to maintain peace with other countries. We have restored the relations with Russia to those of the pre-war days, and Russia is a friend of Our Empire. In other words, We have restored the relationship with Russia as a friendly neighboring country and believe that the relationship will be far closer.

 We believe that the progress of the world shall never cease, and administration of verious affairs of State must be continuing domestically and abroad. We can maintain the glory of the country forever and continue the progress of the nation eternally by further preparing the arms even after the war and further strengthening the politics and education of the nation after the victory of the war.

 Stay alert after the victory. It is never permitted to arouse the feeling of conceit or negligence without reviewing Our own conducts and amendment. You, people of Japan, should obey Our intention and make efforts in this regard by working hard to strengthen the foundation for making the nation wealthier and stronger.

(The Imperial sign manual and seal)

Sketch of the conference signing the Russo-Japanese Peace Treaty