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November 5, 1941
The 7th Imperial Conference (Agenda: Negotiation with the US (Draft A / Draft B), Outline of Imperial national policy.)

“Draft A and Draft B” (1 page)
(Offered by the Diplomatic Museum at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
From 10:30 to 15:15, on Wednesday November 5, 1941, t The 7th Imperial Conference is held. Two different Japanese proposals are decided on for submission to the US. These two plans are referred to as Draft A and Draft B. Japan plans to first propose Draft A in negotiations and if not accepted, propose Draft B, which includes additional concessions.
Document 1: B02032959500 (To: Kouda Manager) The Decision Document of Important National Policy on the Outbreak of War; Vol. 12 to Vol. 20 “Declaration of War on the U.S. and Britain”; The minutes of the Privy Council Conference, the Decision Document of Important National Policy directly related to the Outbreak of the War; Vol. 1 to Vol. 4 (Images 19 to 21)
“The 19th Draft A and Draft B is determined through Imperial Conference on November 5, 1941”
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On November 5th, 1941, the 7th Imperial Conference was convened, and two types of request proposals (Draft A and Draft B) were decided upon.
Document 1 contains the full text of Draft A and Draft B.
Draft A contained the following points:
(1)Japan, with the premise that non-discriminatory trade principles are applied to the world, requests that non-discriminatory trade principles be applied to the Pacific region and China
(2)Explaining that the Axis pact between Japan, Germany and Italy embodies “the right to self-defense” without reckless expansion, and that the Japanese government has been operating upon this particular interpretation
(3)In relation to the issues of the removal of troops, that with the Chinese withdrawal of North China along with one part of Mongolia and Hainan island, following the establishment of a peace treaty troops will be stationed for approximately 25 years. However, Japan aims for the complete withdrawal of all other forces within two years, and will immediately withdraw from the French Indochina peninsula following either a resolution of Japanese-Chinese hostilities or the establishment of peace in the Far East.