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“A picture of cabinet ministers of the Hideki Tojo Cabinet taken after the first cabinet meeting”
Hideki Tojo was appointed prime minister and after the Imperial investiture, a commemorative photograph was taken of the ministers in the Hideki Tojo Cabinet following the first cabinet meeting.
(From left to right in the front row, Minister of Education Kunihiko Hashida, Prime Minister Hideki Tojo (Minister of War / Home Minister), Minister of State Teiichi Suzuki (Governor of Cabinet Planning Board). From left to right in the middle row, Minister of Health and Welfare Chikahiko Koizumi, Minister of Agriculture Sekiya Ino. From left to right in the back row, Minister of the Navy Shigetaro Shimada, Minister of Foreign Affairs / Minister of Colonization Togo Shigenori, Minister of Postal and Telecommunications / Minister of Railways Terajima Ken, Minister of Justice Michiyo Iwamura. In the prime minister’s office, October 1941)
Photographed on October 18, 1941, in the prime minister’s office
(Provided by Mainichi Newspaper)